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Boats pass port to port Overtaking boat alters course to keep clear Star boa rd–O K Way Give Port CHANNEL RULE OVERTAKING RULE MARKING YOUR BOOM All vessels, whether under sail or power, must stay close to the starboard side of channels, so that they pass port to port. An overtaking vessel must keep clear of the one being passed even if it is a sailing boat that is overtaking a power boat. Mark your boom “Starboard—OK” on the starboard side and “Port—Give Way” on the port side. This will remind you which tack you are on and the right-of-way rule that applies.

The jib is trimmed so that the slot between the jib leech and the mainsail luff is parallel all the way up. The air flowing through the slot is compressed and will accelerate. This further decreases the pressure on the leeward side of the mainsail and so increases drive. Centre of effort (CoE) Total force Compressed and accelerated air stream Individual forces Leeward side Jib leech AIRFLOW WITH ONE SAIL As the wind flows across a sail, it moves faster on the leeward (convex) side, creating low pressure, and slower on the windward side, which creates a high-pressure area.

The helmsman sits on the windward side, opposite the sails, so that he has a clear view of the sails and the course being steered. The crew moves his weight according to the point of sail and wind strength. Depending on wind strength and the point of sailing, the crew may move from alongside the helmsman to sitting on the opposite side to balance the helmsman’s weight to windward. By adjusting the position of his weight, the crew can also heel the boat to help it alter course. SAILING UPRIGHT Both the helmsman and crew use their weight to keep this dinghy upright.

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