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LaPaz then reiterated the various anomalous characteristics which led him to believe the fireballs were artificial. Ruppelt also mentioned that he had previously met with Kaplan earlier in Los Angeles, and although Kaplan respected LaPaz professionally, he was not convinced that the fireballs were man-made. Ruppelt further mentioned that he discussed the issue with some of the people who had been at the Los Alamos meeting in February 1949, but did not provide any names. "People who were at that meeting have told me that Dr.

LaPaz reiterated that he was absolutely convinced the green fireballs were not conventional fireballs or meteorites. Dr. Edward Teller felt they could not be material objects because they made no sound and suggested they might be some unknown atmospheric electrical phenomena. In any event, he thought they could not be foreign probes of some kind. The scientists felt that a network of instrument stations should be established to photograph and analyze the fireballs. Despite the recommendation and the continuation of the green fireballs at a rate of about half a dozen a month, LaPaz and AFOSI oddly encountered both resistance and apathy from Air Force authorities responsible for setting up such a network.

They quickly approached Rainier and then passed in front, usually appearing dark in profile against the bright white snowfield covering Rainier, but occasionally still giving off bright light flashes as they flipped around erratically. Sometimes he said he could see them on edge, when they seemed so thin and flat they were practically invisible. According to Clark Arnold said that one of the objects was rather crescent-shaped, while the other eight objects were more circular, but initially Arnold's descriptions were they resembled saucers skipping on water, no mention of them actually looking like saucers.

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