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However, in a number of cases it has been shown that the appropriate selection of the criteria and respective indicators with corresponding decision-making procedures will give priority to decentralised systems. The aggregation function for the decentralisation assessment should include all parameters that are of importance to the assessment of the system. Adoption of this procedure, which will lead to the formation of clusters of indicators represented by the respective sustainability indicator, will enable us to define an appropriate sustainability index which represents the quality of the system.

Critical states at specific periods of time created new complexities in human society. The industrial revolution added a new complexity by introducing new commodities. As we near the end of the industrial revolution, it has become evident that complexity indicators such as population, economics, material resources, social structure and religious devotion have reached another critical state. A number of scholars have highlighted the unique state of our current civilisation. Attention has been focused on indicators related to material resources and the environment.

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