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You could end up with very cheap single channel 50Msamples/sec scope! Matt Lee, via the Net Thank you Matt. The LVR site is also useful for a whole raft of other info too, including Visual Basic subjects. USING USB Dear EPE, I feel there should be more mention of USB with regards to the possibility of amateur constructors using it to interface with computers. 1 specification and after reading through it, there seem to be three points to consider: 1. Hardware/electrical: neither is much of a problem here, the connectors can be purchased, or taken from a cheap USB extension cable, and the interface circuit is no more than a few buffer gates and associated resistors and capacitors.

If you do a lot of logic design it is a good idea to get hold of the appropriate manufacturers’ data books or CD-ROMs as these contain sections covering the general characteristics of the devices in the series and design guidelines, as well as all the individual datasheets. This data is also available on-line from the semiconductor manufacturers’ web sites. A summary of just some of the 74 series variations is shown in Table 1. Often you will be able to manage with LS or HCT families for most project or experimental work.

This stops the flow of cheese into the packet. The change in relay B also starts the motor that moves the conveyor belt to take away the full packet and replace it with an empty one. The circuit is a gross over-simplification of what is usually needed to control such an operation. There would normally be sensors such as microswitches to confirm that the hopper is actually open, or closed. Input from these sensors would be used to activate additional relays to be wired in series with relays A and B.

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