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By Qian Zhongshu

This publication contains 24 English works of Mr. Qian Zhongshu, together with his Bachelor thesis for Oxford college and different articles released in a few English magazines. extra interested by the content material of classical chinese language and Western classical literature. The ebook additionally comprises Mr. Qian's correspondences and very priceless speeches.

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I t i s the intentio n o f thi s pape r t o presen t i n outlin e a se t o f example s typica l o f thos e whic h falsif y suc h a view, an d b y extension, th e clai m tha t thes e relativ e orderings determine rul e interactio n mechanically. I t appear s that , i n fact , th e rule s o f th e gramma r whic h fal l into th e thre e type s delimite d above , with thei r distinc t forma l properties , are inextricall y intertwine d i n th e gramma r o f natura l languages . As an exampl e o f a 'morpholexical ' rul e cruciall y ordere d wit h respec t t o (after ) a 'phonological ' rule .

The embarrassin g fac t i s that w e al l know, whateve r ou r attitude t o th e questio n o f th e existenc e o f independen t phonemic s a s oppose d to morphophonemic s ma y be , that th e voicin g assimilatio n i n Russia n actuall y is a phonetic phenomenon . Bu t a s adherents o f conditio n (2 ) we ar e no t suppose d to kno w this . e. th e phonemi c leve l which John s claim s t o b e compatibl e wit h th e con cept o f neutralizatio n is , in fact , a different phonemi c leve l fro m th e on e Hall e and hi s generativis t follower s hav e rejected .

I t i s true tha t Halle' s argumen t ha s been repeatedl y reformulate d o n materia l fro m othe r languages , for exampl e by Bac h (1964 , 128 ) on Germa n data , an d Bach' s argumen t ha s subsequentl y been reformulate d o n Norwegia n dat a b y Hovdhauge n (1971) . Bu t i n bot h case s it i s obstruents an d th e /r/-phonem e tha t ar e compared . Sinc e /r / i n bot h Germa n and Norwegia n mus t b e classifie d a s a liquid, an d liquid s per se belong t o a separate class , Bach's an d Hovdhaugen' s argumen t i s not valid .

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