Paul Huang's A Dissection of Bitcoin PDF

By Paul Huang

Bitcoin is the 1st electronic foreign money in human background that doesn't require a relevant clearing authority. The technological implication of this invention is profound: it opens the potential for development a totally disbursed economic climate the place no centralized gurus are had to behavior monetary transactions.

This ebook is the final word resolution to the customarily requested, yet even-more-often unsatisfactorily spoke back query: HOW DOES BITCOIN WORK?

This is the 1st booklet that dissects the unique Bitcoin resource code written by way of Satoshi Nakamoto. It opens the Bitcoin black-box, examines all its elements, and indicates you the entire information you ever want to know concerning the Bitcoin system.

The entire publication has 10 chapters. This model you're approximately to buy comprises the 1st four chapters.

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What this function does is straightforward: First creates a transaction (CreateTransaction(scriptPubKey, nValue, wtxNew, nFeeRequired) at line 6). Then tries to commit the transaction into the database (CommitTransactionSpent(wtxNew) at line 16). RelayWalletTransaction() at line 30). All these 4 functions work on wtxNew. The first function CreateTransaction() is covered in this chapter. The other three will be covered in Chapter Transaction II. 6. cpp Here is the source code of CreateTransaction().

Serialization This chapter covers Bitcoin serialization functions. It provides necessary information to fill in the details left out in Chapter Transaction I. h. Class CDataStream is the central data structure of this file. 1. CDataStream Class CDataStream holds a vector that stores the serialized data. It combines a vector and a stream interface to serve the data. It does so by maintaining the following 6 member variables: 1: class CDataStream 2: { 3: protected: 4: typedef vector > vector_type; 5: vector_type vch; 6: unsigned int nReadPos; 7: short state; 8: short exceptmask; 9: public: 10: int nType; 11: int nVersion; 12: //......

We know that what it does is to construct a new transaction and sign it, and we know exactly how that is done. We did not complete analyzing SendMoney() yet, there are three more functions left un-covered. These three functions contain involve new data structures and database operations. We will cover them after providing an explanation of these data structures in Chapter Block and Bitcoin database in Chapter Database. 3. Serialization This chapter covers Bitcoin serialization functions. It provides necessary information to fill in the details left out in Chapter Transaction I.

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