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They all look identical, whatever underlying system they are running on. The SAP GUI includes all graphical capabilities of modern Windows interfaces, with push buttons, menu bars, toolbars, hypertext links, tabstrips, on-focus descriptions, and right-clicking options. The graphical design and functionality is homogeneous across the entire system, which makes training easier and more straightforward for all levels of SAP users. 34 SAP R/3 Handbook, Third Edition Depending on which SAP application or processing tasks are to be run, screens may be very simple or may contain multiple fields and graphical elements.

In the SAP systems, a transaction is a sequence of related steps. These logically related steps, known as dialog steps, are screens in which data are introduced, causing the generation of other events. There is a special transaction monitor, the SAP dispatcher, which takes care of handling the sequence of those steps. The final task of a transaction is to modify the information that ultimately goes into the database. The database is not updated until a transaction has finished. For the sake of consistency, if the transaction has not finished, all changes are still reversible.

A LUW is a set of dialog steps within a transaction, and all of those steps must be correctly completed to go ahead with the transaction logic. If there are errors before the end of the transactions, the current LUW is canceled, but not the previous ones. Within the SAP system, three conceptually different types of transactions may be distinguished: • • • A database transaction, known as LUW or database LUW, is the period of time in which the operations requested must be performed as a unit. This is known in the database world as an all or nothing operation.

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