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By Ross King, Jaehoon Yeon, Chungsook Kim, Donald Baker

Complicated Korean deals a whole, systematic, and streamlined third-year path in Korean.

It is perfect for college scholars and grownup rookies with ample analyzing texts and written workouts, all in Korean Hangul. Concise Korean grammar notes in English, vast glossaries, and a solution key make this ebook appropriate for these learning on my own, in addition to for school room use.

There are 20 entire classes, every one with a analyzing textual content within which new language is brought in context, through vocabulary, grammar issues, and workouts. classes five, 10, 15 and 20 are brief reports of the major structural styles brought. the focal point is on written Korean, however the analyzing texts should not educational, they're breezy, chatty, and fun, with illustrations.

The textbook comes with a loose CD-ROM entitled Sino-Korean significant other, a complement for these novices wishing to begin the examine of chinese language characters as they're utilized in the Korean language. The 20 classes at the CD-ROM construct at the content material of the teachings in most cases textbook to introduce 500 chinese language characters of their Sino-Korean readings. The emphasis is on giving scholars the instruments they should decipher unexpected chinese language characters all alone, and likewise on Sino-Korean vocabulary acquisition. each one lesson introduces nearly 25-30 new chinese language characters besides similar vocabulary goods, and builds on prior characters and vocabulary brought, demonstrating the cumulative influence on one's vocabulary of paying systematic consciousness to Sino-Korean.


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57. 내일부터는 일찍 일어나야지. Starting tomorrow, you’d better get up early. 58. 올해는 담배를 꼭 끊어야지. This year, you definitely have to quit smoking. 59. 아침에 일찍 일어나서 운동을 해야지. In the morning, I should get up early and exercise. 60. 이따가 진영이한테 잊어버리지 말고 꼭 전화해야지. I should definitely not forget to call Chinyŏng in a little bit. 61. 오늘부터는 한국말만 써야지. From today on, I should use just Korean. 62. 남들한테 화내지 말아야지. You shouldn’t get angry with others. 7. Three New Auxiliary Verbs: 놓–, 버리–, 두– Examine the following sentences: 63.

81. 그 사람은 바보인 척한다. He pretends to be a fool. 82. 그냥 모르는 척하세요. Just ignore him [“pretend not to know him”]. ‫׮‬द‫ח‬৔য‫݈۽‬ೞ૑݈ইঠ૑ EXERCISES Exercise 1: Reading Comprehension Write out answers to the following questions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 나는 한국에 온 지 얼마나 되었습니까? 처음 한국에 왔을 때 무엇 때문에 고생을 많이 했습니까? 한국 사람들은 길을 모를 때 어떻게 합니까? 한국 사람들이 왜 나한테 길을 물어 보는 것 같습니까? 사람들이 나한테 길을 물어 보았을 때 나는 잘 가르쳐 주었습니까? 그래서 나는 어떻게 하면 되겠다고 생각했습니까? 길을 묻는 아주머니한테 내가 영어로 말했더니 아주머니는 어떤 반응을 보였습니까? 내가 예상하지 못했던 일은 어떤 것이었습니까?

A: 성호 씨, 오늘 모임 재미있었습니까? B: ______________________ 3. A: 약속 장소에 30분이나 일찍 도착하셔서 기다리셨다고 들었습니다. B: ______________________ 4. A: 왜 야구 경기가 중단되었습니까? B: ______________________ 5. A: 어제 혼자서 늦게까지 일하셨지요? B: ______________________ 6. A: 그동안 왜 연락하지 않았습니까? B: ______________________ Exercise 3: Practice with –(으)ㄹ 텐데(요), –(으)ㄹ 테니(까), and –(으)ㄹ 테야 In items 1–6 below, an opportunity was missed. Use the pattern –(으)ㄹ 텐데(요) to express what should have happened. 1. 찌개가 너무 맵지요? 고춧가루를 _______________________________.

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