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By Lewis Richmond

The bestselling writer of Work as a non secular perform presents a user’s lifestyles consultant to getting older good and making each year pleasing and transformative.

Everything adjustments. For Zen Buddhist priest and meditation instructor Lewis Richmond, this basic Buddhist guiding principle is the foundation for a brand new internal street map that emerges within the later years, charting an knowing which could deliver new percentages and a wealth of appreciation and gratitude for the existence trip itself.

Aging as a non secular Practice is a sensible, compassionate publication that courses readers in the course of the 4 key levels of aging—such as “Lightning moves” (the second we get up to our aging)—as good because the procedures of adapting to alter, embracing who we're, and appreciating our exact lifestyles chapters. not like many philosophical works on getting older this one comprises illuminating evidence from medical researchers, medical professionals, and psychologists in addition to contemplative practices and guided meditations. Breath by way of breath, second by way of second, Richmond’s teachings encourage unlimited possibilities for a pleasure that transcends age.

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It was only when she offered to get her laptop to show me more photos on Facebook that I demurred. As the interview progressed, I asked Katherine if she could say how the birth of her grandchild had affected her view on aging. She grew thoughtful. “This sounds odd,” she said finally, “but it’s made me feel as though my life has really amounted to something. ” She laughed. ” My father and Katherine represent the two faces of aging: the wrinkled face of the aged Robert Graves and the joyful smile of a new grandmother.

But regardless of circumstance, everyone can say, as Sarah did, “This is my life. ” When the Stages Happen All at Once Occasionally we experience all the stages within a short period of time. I’ve already mentioned the moment lightning struck for me. The full story is a yearlong journey that took me through all four of aging’s stages, from the shock of Lightning Strikes to deep Appreciation. After many years of training as a Zen priest, at thirty-six I was a busy business executive and my blood pressure had been going up.

It is not a book about diet or exercise, crossword puzzles or memory tips. Those books have already been written and offer much that is valuable and useful. This book is different. It is about aging from a spiritual perspective. I am a Buddhist priest and meditation teacher, and spiritual practice has been the focus of my life and work for many decades. If you too are a Buddhist, then many of the contemplative reflections and spiritual lessons I write about will be familiar to you, though applying them as we do here—to benefit the aging process—will be new.

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